School leaders say St. Martin High senior prank “got out of hand”

Pictures of the damage began circulating on social media over the weekend.
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 1:52 PM CDT
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ST. MARTIN, Miss. (WLOX) - What do you do when 100-150 seniors at St. Martin High School go through their usual senior prank, but inadvertently cause damage to the school? That’s the question Jackson County Schools Superintendent Dr. John Strycker and others had to contemplate after last week’s senior prank went awry.

“We are taking it very seriously,” Strycker said. “It was a senior prank that got out of hand. More than I would like to see. But the intentions, I believe, were not to destroy anything. The administration, by noon the next day, was already on top of it.”

Pictures of the damage began circulating on social media over the weekend. And while the mess surprised many people, Strycker said the damage amounted to less than $500. He said the kids involved cleaned everything up, and some faced other disciplinary actions.

“We have surveillance cameras and we identified the students where the damage was done,” Strycker said. “It was inadvertent damage. In other words, you still have to take ownership once the damage is done. With 100-150 students, that solidifies to me that there was no intention of doing permanent damage. But again, we’re taking it seriously. The kids need to have a memory, but no, we can’t have them in the building.”

Strycker promises that security will be tighter next year during any senior prank activities.

St. Martin High School will graduate 350 seniors Monday night.

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