South Mississippi residents prepare for cold temperatures

Stores are stocked up and ready and at least one business is making the rounds to keep customers warm.
Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 6:19 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - As the temperatures tumble, Coast residents are getting prepared. Stores are stocked up and ready and at least one business is making the rounds to keep customers warm.

Tazz Thigpen of Gulfport has several properties to protect.

It’s not something he’s used to doing here.

“I’ve been cutting grass until just a few weeks ago and that’s kind of odd, you know what I mean,” he said.

And in this region, a cold snap can catch anyone by surprise.

“Sometimes, because we’re used to something one way and all of a sudden it just drops,” he said. “You wake up one-morning wearing shorts. By after lunch, you got to put a jacket on. I mean, it’s crazy.”

True Value Gulfport owner Matt Renick is prepared for crazy.

Just about everything you would need is here because he ordered early.

He said supply chain issues have been a problem.

“Everything in this store is stressed right now,” Renick said. “And, so when the winter comes – obviously the winter hits up north before it does here – the pull is heavy up there. So, we have to get ours early and get our name in line so that we the products. But we did that, so we’re ready.”

Diamondhead resident Sargent Mellen just pick the only two oranges off his tree a few weeks ago.

He wants to make sure it keeps producing, so the tree is getting a heavy wrap.

And on the inside, he wants to make sure to protect himself and his wife with a clean chimney for his gas fireplace.

At this late noticed, he was lucky he could get an appointment with Top Hat Chimney Sweeps.

“I was supposed to get it done last week, but they had an emergency, so they moved it to this week,” Mellen said. “But at least I got it done in less than two weeks.”

Donaven Saucier of Top Hat said the earlier the appointment is made the better.

“We try to tell everybody to get everything done in the summer time,” he said “That way when it does start getting colder, we’re still cleaning and it’s not as backed up.”

Saucier recommended a fireplace cleaning and inspection every year.

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