Residents react to new developments coming to downtown Pascagoula

Downtown Pascagoula is filled with businesses and buildings, but not much traffic.
Published: Jan. 15, 2022 at 10:50 PM CST
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PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Downtown Pascagoula is filled with businesses and buildings, but not much traffic.

Brandy St. Cyr has lived in the city most of her life and would love to see more added to it.

“Things haven’t been the same since Katrina. We all know that. It’s been going on for 16 years now. Over the years Pascagoula and Moss Point have gotten a bad rep. That’s mainly due to lack of attention,” said St. Cyr.

Mayor Jay Willis said soon more attention will be downtown with the goal of revitalization.

“Lots happening to provide places to live in downtown Pascagoula. Every project it seems like that’s happening right now is mixed-use,” said Willis.

Willis said this is possible with $30 million worth of private investments.

Unused buildings on both Pascagoula Street and Canty street will be used for apartment units, along with additional components like office and event spaces.

On Delmas Avenue, the city plans to use a building for a coffee shop, four apartment units, with commercial space. On the corner lot of Delmas Avenue and Canty Street, will be a boutique hotel that will include apartment units, a pool and two retail spaces.

John LeBatard said it’s refreshing to see the projects because residents are inside more than ever due to lack of development and COVID-19.

“It will be bringing in a lot more business. Everybody has been so cooped up for so long, but they want to do stuff too,” said LeBatard.

Now people can have more stuff to participate in, while helping the economy.

“More people supporting local people. It’s just so vital because that money stays here. It doesn’t outsource to Texas it doesn’t to Louisiana, it stays here,” said St. Cyr.

St. Cyr said in addition to revenue staying in the city, she also hopes more visitors come so it could help business owners like herself.

“Doing more will definitely bring that foot traffic back. It’s as gorgeous city and the downtown area is like walking down in Ocean Springs, it’s like walking down in Biloxi. The city is doing a great job revamping everything and putting life back into the city, which is so vital right now,” said Cyr.

While new downtown projects are beginning, some are near completion.

City Centre is scheduled to be done in the spring and will feature 28 apartment units, a rooftop bar, a coffee shop and offices.

Some exciting projects are happening this year for Downtown Pascagoula and joining us now is Mayor Jay Willis.

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