Memorial neighborhood vaccination station making it easier to get the shot

Memorial officials say they will host other events in the future as needed.
Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:48 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - As COVID numbers continue to rise, so do the efforts to protect the community.

The shot may be simple, but getting people to take it has been hard. That’s why Memorial is once again taking its COVID-19 vaccination effort into the neighborhoods to make the decision to get the shot a little easier.

Kevin James was reluctant to get the first shot, even almost a year since COVID vaccinations have been available.

“To be honest with you, I don’t really even trust the shot,” he said.

But he did it anyway. Having the vaccination station in his Forrest Heights neighborhood helped.

“I saw ya’ll over here, said I’m going to try it to see what’s what because everybody’s getting sick,” he said. “So, I was going to try it out and see what happened.”

And the message is getting out about what will happen.

“At least if I do get it, I won’t get as sick as everybody else did.”

This is the first for Eric Lambes as well.

“I waited because I wasn’t 100 percent sure for a long time,” he said. “And then, once I got COVID, I obviously realized this is nothing to play around with.”

Jerry Barnett was still another who made the decision nearly one year after COVID vaccinations became available.

And he said it will take continued outreach to get others to do the right thing.

“More people have got to reach out to the community and try to convince people to go out and get it done because their lives are more important than losing their lives from this pandemic,” he said.

Charles James, who also lives in the neighborhood, was one of the first to arrive to receive his booster.

“I mean, I’m out here and I wish a lot more people would show up and come out,” he said. “Because you’ve got to think about it. If it gets on you and you’re down, you’re going to wish you would have took the shot. And, then, you know. It’s a chance. It’s a risk. It’s your life. Do you love it, or do you want to be down and out?”

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