Gulfport High: Social media photo of gun was prop for class

A photo of the toy gun was posted to social media by a student, prompting concern and disciplinary action.
Published: Dec. 15, 2021 at 1:21 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - A photo taken by a student Wednesday that appeared to show a firearm at Gulfport High was not an actual weapon, said school officials.

According to Principal Wendy Husley, a student in a Public Law and Safety class took a photo of a blue plastic toy gun that is used as a prop in the class. The student then posted it to his social media, leading other students to notify school administrators.

“Students are very proactive on our campus and as soon as they saw (the photo), they reported it,” said Husley.

The school immediately went into action as soon as they were notified. Because it was immediately determined that the gun was a toy, the school was never placed on lockdown.

“We got the young man and did all the things we needed to do to ensure there was not threat,” said Husley. “We immediately were shown the photo and were able to identify that it was a prop gun and not a weapon. We then notified his parents and sent out a message through our automated system to notify all of our parents that there was an incident on campus but that at not time was there an actual threat.”

The class is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course aimed at educating students on a career as a first responder, said Husley.

“The students talk a lot about law and safety, of being in law enforcement or working at a fire department or as an EMT,” said the principal. “They have certain props they use to simulate things in their curriculum. One of those is a hard plastic blue gun. We also have a knife and a simulator that simulates the effects of being drunk or inebriated.”

The student was disciplined according to the school’s policy on the matter.

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