Shipping woes and supply chain issues impact Black Friday shopping

Published: Nov. 26, 2021 at 8:00 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - This is the first Black Friday for owners of Panoply in Clinton. The supply chain issues and shipping woes factored into their strategy of staying stocked on the hot items.

“Hair claws are popular and we got those from one vendor and we needed more,” explained Krista Markham, Ponoply co-owner. “But they were out. So, we kind of had to research and find that. But we kind of were concerned about getting all of our inventory in in time. Because we knew that, like, after December 9 was kind of our window. Like we feel like that’s when the shopping is going to start to die down.”

And while they did have some door buster, they’re hoping people will remember small business Saturday and support other mom-and-pop shops like theirs.

“We ordered extra inventory,” added co-owner Emily Hendon. “We also got some extra products to kind of promote.”

Big box stores like Academy still draw in people who just want to get their hands on a deal in person.

“Come in the store, look around, browse around,” explained shopper April Shelton. “I’m just checking to see, you know, what kind of deals I can put my hands on.”

Some shoppers say they’re more or less battling the crowds out of necessity.

“Last year, I did the majority of my shopping online and a lot of my stuff was delayed,” said Tomasinia Taylor. “So, this year my husband and I... we just tried to come out and get it stores versus doing it online because we didn’t wanna be last-minute praying that our stuff would make it here in time.”

And it doesn’t really matter what’s going on in the world, be it shipping or supply chain issues. Some families will always block off this day.

“It’s actually a tradition,” said Wanda McAlister. “We did this with my mother and we just kept it up all these years.”

“We don’t do any of the, like, knockdown door buster type deals,” noted her daughter Jessica Wright. “We just get out and sometimes we bring the kids and we just spend the day together. If we get a deal, we get a deal. So, it’s just our day to kind of take the time after Thanksgiving to have a ladies day.”

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