Another gun found at Biloxi High prompts district to increase security measures

Published: Nov. 9, 2021 at 12:05 PM CST
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Another student in Biloxi was found with a gun at school Tuesday, prompting district officials to send a letter to parents detailing the action they are taking to keep children safe.

The statement sent to parents Tuesday just before noon says administrators at Biloxi High received a tip earlier in the day notifying them that a weapon had been brought on campus. After searching the student, security located an unloaded gun. No ammunition was found.

This is the third time parents have been notified about a student having a weapon in the last few weeks. On Oct. 19, a Biloxi High student and a Biloxi Junior High student were reportedly seen by other students handling an unloaded weapon before school. Just days later on Oct. 26, a loaded gun was found in the backpack of a Biloxi High student.

In the letter sent to parents informing them about the gun, Superintendent Marcus Boudreaux emphasized that the recent instances of weapons were not linked to any type of bullying, threats or school-related issues.

“In all occurrences, investigations revealed that there was never an intent to use a weapon in the school setting. However, we as a community must solve this problem to prevent the spilling over of community issues into our school system,” states the letter to parents.

The letter continues, detailing efforts being made by the school district to work with city officials, police and the youth court.

“Last week, Biloxi Schools teams met with local City Council members, the Biloxi Police Department, and the Harrison County Youth Court to address how we can combat this in our community. Through this partnership, we are communicating information regularly and working proactively as a team to continue removing any unsafe elements from our schools and community. I would again like to reiterate that we are referencing a miniscule percentage of students that are perpetuating this problem,” states the letter.

The district has implemented enhanced security measures, said the superintendent, including random weapon checks using a metal detector.

“We are taking immediate actions to ensure parents and students of a safe school setting. Enhanced security measures will continue to be in place at the Biloxi High School and Biloxi Junior High School campuses. These include 3 full time school resource officers and 6 security officers,” the letter continued. ‘Students can expect random metal detector usage from this point forward to ensure a weapon free environment.”

Less than two weeks ago, social media rumors alleging a school shooting spread across the country, leaving schools throughout the U.S. upping security as a precaution. Boudreaux has said it’s his intention to be transparent as possible to avoid rumors from spreading online.

“We all know that information spreads like wildfire on social media. I want to ensure you that the district will continue to be your best source of transparent and trustworthy information,” Boudreaux said in the letter to parents.

He continued: “As I have said in the past, we will not let this extremely small number of students ruin our amazing school system. We cannot allow approximately .16% of our student population to disrupt the learning environment for the 99.84% of our students that are here for all of the right reasons. Our students and community continue to be our best resource in providing a safe environment. I am calling on all Indian Nation families to continue supporting our school system and the Biloxi community in our mission of providing a high-quality education for all students.”

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