Popp’s Ferry Road extension project in D’Iberville ready for vote

Published: Nov. 3, 2021 at 3:52 PM CDT
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D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - Work may soon begin on the Popp’s Ferry Road extension project that will eventually connect I-110 to Pass Road. The D’Iberville city council is set to vote on whether or not to approve the plans this month.

Traffic congestion has been a problem at D’Iberville Boulevard and Popp’s Ferry Road for years, but a relief valve is getting closer to reality. Bids for the Popp’s Ferry Road extension project have already been vetted and will now go before the D’Iberville City Council for approval.

It’s been a long wait.

“It’s frustrating. I understand but things take time,” said D’Iberville City Manager Clay Jones. “And one thing we’ve found in D’Iberville, good things come to those who wait.”

The extension is divided into three phases. The first two are funded.

  • Phase One: Funded by MDA for $3.3 million, crosses D’Iberville Boulevard.
  • Phase Two: Funded by MDOT for $4 million will continue the extension to the current Popp’s Ferry Road.

It’s good news, not only for the traffic problems, but also for potential economic development.

“For this area, it’s a 10 because we’ve got to be able to get the people in and out of the city safely,” Jones said. “And, you know as well as I do, that once these people can get in and out of the city, the development will come.”

For developer Les Barnett, infrastructure work is not an exercise in futility. Galleria Parkway put about 40 percent more traffic off I-10 right at his doorstep.

“The more people that you have passing by your building or your business, the more opportunity to do business,” said Barnett, who owns Barnett Plaza.

All 13 tenants in Barnett’s complex have seen an uptick in business since the roadway was built, including his own franchise, Salad Station.

Barnett said he thinks it will be good for future development, as well.

“I think any time that you open, expand a roadway and infrastructure, you open the possibility for all new businesses to come out here and grow,” he said.

Jones said he’s not sure if the new roadway would spur a new development opportunity in the stagnant Galleria property, but, he said, “It couldn’t hurt.”

If the plans are approved by the city council, Jones said work could begin by February, with both phases completed in about a year. The D’Iberville City Council is set to vote on the plans on Nov. 16, 2021.

Lane Construction Company of Mississippi, Inc., was the low bidder on the project.

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