Road repairs in the works for the City of Gulfport

Residents are fed up with bumpy commutes in Gulfport.
Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 6:29 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Residents are fed up with bumpy commutes in Gulfport. That is going to change after city leaders approved $13 million for road repairs throughout the city during a meeting Tuesday night.

“Starting immediately, we’re going to be looking at and going over lists of different roads that we can go out and start to get to work on,” Communications Manager Jase Payne told WLOX.

Payne said the project is funded by internet sales tax revenue and will allow for 100 miles of road to be paved as well as improvements to infrastructure like filling potholes.

“Not only do we know that we have work to do, but our citizens, they want to make sure that their roads, their neighborhoods, as well as where they travel every single day are being maintained and they’re being kept up with,” Payne said.

George and Anesha Price have been living off of 28th Street in Gulfport for about eight years. It’s one road they feel should make the city’s list.

“It’s like damaging to the cars, the tires sometimes. You like hit a pothole, and, then five minutes later, you got air coming out your tires,” Anesha said. “If we get the city to kind of fix things, we can spend less money on new tires.”

City leaders said while their top priority is to repair high-traffic roadways, they will also be focusing heavily on Gulfport neighborhoods.

The project is allotted over 12 years but officials said they’re getting to work right away.

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