How global supply chain issues affect shelf stocking in Mississippi

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 5:55 PM CDT
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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) - Stores and suppliers say they’re doing their best to keep everything on the shelves, but it’s difficult to keep everything fully stocked.

“You’ll notice in our stores we may be out of a certain brand, but we got plenty of product, (and) we’ve got multiple suppliers. We make sure that we buy from wherever we need to buy from to keep our stores in stock so that we’re not out of product,” said Corner Market Chief Operations Officer Mike Sowden.

Sowden said he’s been dealing with supply chain interruptions for a while.

“Yeah, we’ve been experiencing that since right around the beginning of COVID last March. It is something that we’re very used to very aware of,” said Sowden.

Supply chain issues happen when there are backups at ports caused by a lack of truck drivers or other transportation problems that slow down or stop a product’s trip to the shelves.

Sowden said he works with lots of different suppliers to make sure he can get around supply chain roadblocks.

“It’s a matter of us as retailers being able to just think and do a little bit differently. Sometimes you can’t get jars, you can’t get cans (or) you can’t get certain things from certain vendors. So, you improvise and do what you need to do. It causes us to communicate better with one another causing us to communicate with our suppliers. It causes us to think forward a little bit. We’re already looking right now to thanksgiving and Christmas and beyond,” said Sowden.

Sowden makes it clear that there isn’t a shortage in the Pine Belt.

“You notice our store up and down the aisles (that) we’re not out, and we’re not going to be out. We were never out during COVID, and we have no intention of being out. There’s no reason to come, you know, fill your pantry up with everything. We want you to come shop with us, but we’ll have what you need,” said Sowden.

Sowden said if you don’t see the specific brand you want to just give it a few days, and it should be back in stock.

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