Saints dominated by Panthers 26-7

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 7:14 PM CDT
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CHARLOTTE, NC. (WLOX) - After a statement win in week one over Green Bay, the Saints fell flat in week two at Carolina, who is now 2-0 and tied atop the NFC South.

New Orleans crossed midfield just one time until there was under a minute left in the first half. Their first two offensive drives were a three-and-out. They never got the passing game going, and never even had a chance to get the rushing attack established.

Of course, no one is dealing with the circumstances the Saints are across the NFL, practicing on a college campus, and this past week, having an altered practice routine due to COVID absences in the coaching staff. But for veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins, their performance wasn’t due to the emotion of the circumstances. It was a simple execution problem.

“No wind getting knocked out here. We show up regardless of what the date is, where the field is or who the opponent is. That’s not going to change,” Jenkins said. “You said we were riding on emotion. I don’t think so. We were riding on our ability to execute, and we didn’t do that today. That was below our standard. But like anything, it’s hard to have energy and fun when you’re not executing. For us, the immediate task at hand is diagnose what we didn’t do well, work where teams are trying to attack us, and figure out how to execute better as a team.”

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