Help still hasn’t arrived for Memorial Hospital healthcare workers, according to MEMA

It’s the only hospital in the state so far that hasn’t received contract workers, but MEMA says help is still on the way.
Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 6:54 AM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Relief was supposed to be on the way for overworked and overstressed hospital staff on the Gulf Coast but according to MEMA, none of that help ever made it to Memorial Hospital in Gulfport.

Documents obtained Thursday from MEMA say that Memorial is the only hospital in the state that has not received any additional help.

Governor Tate Reeves announced on August 24 that the state was contracting four vendors to provide extra staffing for 61 hospitals.

Despite requesting only 18 ICU nurses and eight medical surgery nurses, Memorial has received no additional help while some other hospitals have received more people than they asked for.

According to MEMA, help is still on the way.

“The vendor that was initially awarded the contract for Memorial Hospital in Gulfport could not find enough ICU nurses within their system to fulfill the request. Unfortunately, this situation was out of our control but MEMA acted quickly to find another vendor who will have staff in Gulfport next week,” said a response from a MEMA representative.

Memorial CEO Kent Nicaud released a short statement in response to the situation, saying: “We are very disappointed and are investigating the staffing disparity with our contractors.”

More than 50 hospitals have now received additional workers. In all, Mississippi requested 65 physicians, 920 nurses, 41 nurse anesthetists, 59 advance practice nurses, 34 physician assistants, 239 respiratory technicians and 20 EMT paramedics.

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