MGCCC partners with Singing River to vaccinate students

Published: Aug. 11, 2021 at 7:58 AM CDT
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PERKINSTON, Miss. (WLOX) - Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College is partnering with Singing River Health System to offer COVID-19 vaccinations to students who want them.

Tuesday, SRHS employees were on the college’s Perkinston campus in an effort to get more people vaccinated before the fall semester begins next week.

With classes not set to start until Aug. 19, only a handful of kids are on campus right now at Perk. Most of them are athletes or band members and, while they may not be fearing for their lives, they don’t want to risk the lives of their loved ones by remaining unvaccinated.

”I mean, personally, I am not scared of getting sick,” said Hayden Hughes, line captain for the Bull Dog Drum Line. “I just want to protect my family more than anything. I have a lot of grandparents and stuff I want to keep safe.”

Freshman defensive lineman Johnathan Street says the virus is all he sees on the news and on social media.

”That is all I see, COVID this and COVID that, and then I just wanted to be safe, make sure my grandparents are safe, my parent are safe, they are my family,” Street said.

Another student cited the healthcare heroes as his reason for getting the vaccine.

”I trust doctors and scientists more than other people, so I just made the step and did what I had to do to help me survive,” said band member Alex Ellis.

Overall, 68 individuals were vaccinated on campus Tuesday.

”We were hoping for a big turnout and (Tuesday) just proved that people are ready. We are going to be here for move-in day on (Aug. 17) and also we are going to be here at the student union on (Aug. 19),” said Singing River Community Relations Liaison Sherri Carr Bevis.

MGCCC will host another vaccination event on August 16 at the Jackson County Campus, where all community members are welcome to attend.

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