Governor Reeves calls latest CDC guidance “foolish” and ‘harmful’

Governor Reeves calls latest CDC guidance “foolish” and ‘harmful’
Governor Reeves calls latest CDC guidance “foolish” and ‘harmful’
Published: Jul. 29, 2021 at 9:36 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -All of this was canceled last year because of COVID-19, but just as folks were planning to return to the fairgrounds this year, the cases started surging again.

“Most of it’s outside,” said Rita Sanders. “So, I really don’t have any issues with that.”

“As far as the cases going up, if you get vaccinated, now they’re saying you’ll still get the virus,” noted Robert Munroe. “Well, look at the flu. You get a flu shot. People still get the flu. It’s the same thing. It’s a strain. It’s a virus. We will get over it. Don’t shut us down again.”

This was the first time that we see Governor Reeves in person since that latest surge, and he took the opportunity to make his comments on what he thinks about the latest CDC guidance to mask up indoors whether you’re vaccinated or not.

“Tuesday’s change in the CDC mask guidance is foolish,” said Reeves during his speech to the crowd. “It is harmful. It reeks of political panic, so it’s to appear they are in control. It has nothing… Let me say that again; it has nothing to do with rational science.”

We asked if there was any level of the surge that would lead him to putting restrictions on schools.

“As I said throughout the pandemic, I will never say never to anything, but I have no intention of mask mandates in school,” said Reeves. “I don’t think that’s going to be forthcoming from our administration.”

Some fairgoers echoed Reeves’ concerns.

“If you tell people to go back to the masks, then you’re defeating the purpose, and those that aren’t vaccinated are going to say that the vaccines don’t work and so, therefore, we’re being punished again,” said Greer Landrum. “No, I think it was time for the masks to come off.”

And vaccines are being offered for the full run of the fair at the first aid center. We stopped by to see if anyone had taken advantage of it.

“We have all three of the vaccines available...the Jansen, Moderna, and Pfizer, and we have had a good number of people coming by and getting the vaccine,” noted Neshoba General Hospital registered nurse Tanya Tullos.

The Governor says where he does agree with the CDC is that it is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. He says he continues to encourage Mississippians to get vaccinated.

Outside of COVID, Governor Reeves took the opportunity to return to a campaign promise.

“I am proposing an immediate $1,300 a year across-the-board teacher pay raise followed by $1,000 per year in each of the next two fiscal years,” said Reeves during his speech.

Both Reeves and Speaker Philip Gunn are drilling down on their opposition to critical race theory.

“Socialists seek to turn Americans against each other, and it gets this country by introducing critical race theory into our schools,” said Speaker Philip Gunn. “We need to find ways to bring people together, not tear them apart.”

“That is not the education that we need for the next generation of Americans,” commented Reeves. “But sadly, it is now the official position of the national Democratic Party.”

Neither referenced the medical marijuana debate in their speeches but a small group with signs and t-shirts reading We are the 74 were seated along the front row.

“I’ve been in many conversations with leaders in the House and Senate with respect to medical marijuana. They are making real progress. There are still some hold-ups, but they’re negotiating through that, and we’re continuing to have conversations with leadership and will continue to do so.”

Speaker Gunn had a much different comment when asked about a special session.

“As I stand here today, there’s been no movement towards a special session. No conversation.”

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