East Biloxi residents react to rise in gun violence

Published: Jul. 28, 2021 at 7:09 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - East Biloxi residents said fear filled their bodies when they heard multiple shots fired on Fountain Lane. Glenda Williams voiced her concerns to Biloxi City Council Tuesday since bullets hit her home.

“I am a taxpayer, I shouldn’t be afraid to walk around in my home. I don’t go by windows; I don’t walk outside after dark. I shouldn’t have to do that,” said Williams.

Biloxi resident Dionna Brooks has lived in the area for two years while caring for her late grandmother. She said within the last year, the gun violence has grown tremendously. She also said she can’t keep count of how many children died in the neighborhood.

“The crime level has escalated over the last year,” said Brooks. “Most of these kids are really good kids, but they’re put in situations that are leading them to their deaths.”

Brooks wishes for the city to provide more outlets for children so they can stay busy and off the streets.

“They just don’t have anything. If these kids are outside day in and day out, eventually they will get into something that will lead them to jail or death,” said Brooks. “We need more programs, and recreation for kids. We have all of these casinos around, but nothing for them.”

Biloxi Councilman Ward 2 Felix Gines said that the city is looking for ways to improve the issue.

“I’m annoyed. Our residents should have to deal with that. We want to make sure we get foolishness like that in our community. We want to make sure that people who get out there and commit these nonsense violent acts, or any acts like discharging a weapon for no reason, we want to make sure that they will pay a stiff penalty. We want to make sure that we get them to answer to the fullest and extent of the law,” said Gines.

Gines also said that having a curfew for children could be a possibility once they go back to school.

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