‘I shouldn’t be afraid to walk around in my home’: Residents address Biloxi council over string of recent shootings

Glenda Williams addressed the Biloxi City Council Tuesday after a shooting in her neighborhood...
Glenda Williams addressed the Biloxi City Council Tuesday after a shooting in her neighborhood lead to a multiple bullets piercing her home. She is calling on city leaders to do something about the violence members of her community are tired of experiencing.(City of Biloxi)
Published: Jul. 27, 2021 at 9:06 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Biloxi residents are speaking out after a string of violence in their neighborhood that they are tired of living with.

Multiple residents went before the Biloxi City Council Tuesday afternoon to voice their concerns over multiple shootings that have happened off Division Street in the areas of Holley Street and Fountain Lane.

“I’m tired of the shooting at the corner of Holley Street and Divison Street every other night,” said Janice Darden roughly 20 minutes into the meeting. “They had a shootout last night. My grandbaby can’t come to my house. They got to go, they little boys, they got to go. They beat the man up on the bike the other day. I don’t understand why the police can’t catch them. I don’t understand why they can’t put them in jail, put them in juvenile, or get they mommas. Do something. I’m tired of the shooting at the corner of Holley Street and Divison Street every other night.”

Two residents from Fountain Lane also addressed the council, painting sobering yet startling images of what they experienced Monday night after a shooting that has affected not only the community emotionally but their homes physically as well.

“Last night, we had two bullets that entered my home,” said Glenda Williams. “My husband happened to be walking through the kitchen, and the only way the bullet was stopped was my dishes in the cabinet were shattered, and I think that’s what actually slowed down the bullet from hitting him. One went in my ceiling, and we have so much problems, maybe about a year. The resident on Holley and Division Street I think is our problem.

“I’m a taxpayer. I shouldn’t be afraid to walk around in my home,” Williams continued. “I don’t go by windows, I don’t go outside after dark, and I shouldn’t have to do that.”

Williams looked to her councilman Felix Gines and asked him for assistance in this matter before her time was up.

Another resident who now has bullet holes scarring her home voiced her concerns before the council.

“Last night, I had three bullets hit my house. One entered my kitchen, and my grandson could have got shot, I could have got shot and I just feel like in that neighborhood we never had a problem,” said Janice Lee, another Fountain Lane resident. “Something needs to be done. These kids are terrible, they are bad. There is a shooting there maybe every two or three weeks.

“Anytime you hear a gunshot and it goes pow, pow, pow and then you hear a rapid gunshot pow pow pow pow pow pow, something is wrong. Something is going on. That’s not just one little person shooting, and they’re running down the street shooting at each other, so anybody can get shot, and I value my life, and I don’t want to get shot because we have kids in the neighborhood who are irresponsible and they parents are not doing what they are supposed to do.

“I would appreciate it if you all would look into this and take care of this matter for us because we don’t want anyone to die in that neighborhood or get shot,” Lee concluded.

You can watch the full recording of the council meeting here.

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