Seabee Base main gate closure may cause heavy traffic on 28th Street

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 8:09 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Those traveling along 28th Street in Gulfport are in for some heavy traffic starting Monday.

The Naval Construction Battalion Center’s Pass Road Gate will be closed for approximately six weeks for maintenance purposes. For many motorists, 28th Street is the main thoroughfare between Long Beach and Gulfport.

One Gulfport resident who should know best is Betty Johnson. The primary entrance to the Seabee Base is right across the street from her home.

“Oh, it’s very heavy every day and on the evening time,” she said. “It’s heavy, heavy. And sometimes, it’s hard when they’re coming off of the base and someone is going real fast. They need to slow down on both sides because sometimes, they almost slam into each other.”

And because the Pass Road gate will be closed for six week, she’s fearful traffic will be even worse.

“When they’re getting off I guess they want to get home, but it’s fast, fast traffic.”

Johnson is not so worried about herself as she is others, because she usually gets a lift for her errands from friend and fellow church member Genevieve Youngblood.

And the prospect of more traffic has Youngblood a little nervous.

“I will come give her a ride if she needs a ride, but if I don’t have to come this way, I won’t come this way,” she said. “Only when I need to come to see her, I’ll come.”

She knows the perils of driving on 28th Street even without a 24/7 gate.

“I’ve come through here around 5 o’clock and, even without that side of the base being open, it’s very hectic traffic.”

And Youngblood offered this advice.

“You have to be very careful. People are constantly going past the speed limit,” said Youngblood. “You have to be mindful and aware of what the speed limit is and what the other person is definitely doing.”

Base security will be working to keep backups from disrupting traffic, but officials suggest motorists plan for delays or adjust their route.

But Johnson is seeking a little extra help.

“I just pray that everything will be all right.”

Housing and Pass and ID located at the Pass Road Gate area will still be accessible during this time for services.

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