Gulfport School District prepping for flexible school year schedule

Published: Jul. 15, 2021 at 7:51 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - For teachers and staff members in the Gulfport School District, the process of getting ready for the first day of classes is a little different this year.

The district’s new flexible schedule means the first day of school is only a week away.

“It’s only a week. It’s not a super big deal,” said Jan Kathryn Chambliss, Gulfport High School instructor.

One week until Gulfport begins the school year and its new flexible class schedule, meaning the first bell on the first day of school now rings in late July instead of early August.

“Change this day and age goes a long way I think in giving these kids a shake up, giving these kids a shake up but also allowing us to push in a more positive direction,” Chambliss added.

It’s very similar to the quarter system you see in some colleges. Basically they’ll have a 45-day schedule. In between those 45-day periods, they’ll have weeks of intersessions, where students who might be behind will have a chance to catch up.

“If they’re struggling then we can take that break and get them where we want them to be and be successful and continue to build from there,” she said. “If you’re a teacher, you’re there for your kids...and if that means coming in earlier to help, you’re the leader to make that change.”

On July 22, Gulfport sixth and ninth grade students will have their first day of school, then on July 23, all the other students will begin classes.

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