Tuxachanie Creek residents surprised by floodwaters from TS Claudette

Published: Jun. 23, 2021 at 7:04 PM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Residents who live near the Tuxachanie Creek off of Highway 15 in Biloxi had to blink twice when they saw high floodwaters Wednesday morning. Emergency Management Agency director Matt Stratto said that more than four inches of rain fell in the area.

However, Stratton said that the agency has no gage on the Tuxachanie Creek, which is why officials can’t say how high the water has risen.

Toney Mundell has been the lead organizer at the Tuxachanie Hole for four years and said that his 50-foot slide, live music stage, and camper are underwater.

“It hasn’t really flooded this bad in a few years and this is the second time this year,” said Mundell. “We had to tie most of the canoes and kayak to the trees.”

Jimmy Stephens lived in the area for more than six years and said that the flood caught most residents off-guard.

“We knew to keep an eye out but the stages didn’t make it seem like there was going to be flooding,” said Stephens. “We woke up this morning and we didn’t think anything would be wrong but it’s here.”

Stephens explained that it’s reassuring to have flood insurance and attentive neighbors for help.

“It’s nice to have flood insurance to protect your belongings. A lot of people don’t realize that this area floods so we lean on each other a lot,” said Stephens. “If you need help from getting stuck or need certain materials, if you put your hand out then they’re there to help you.”

Stratton said people should check weather updates to avoid any surprises.

“Any time the weather service issues any of these it will update online,” said Stratton. “It will send an alert to weather radios. People should check that for how it’s going to affect them.”

Stratton also said that during Tuesday night’s storm, Harrison County Road Department workers had to repair more than five damaged culverts to help stop flooding.

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