Hancock County family loses nearly everything due to floodwaters from TS Claudette

Updated: Jun. 21, 2021 at 7:22 AM CDT
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KILN, Miss. (WLOX) - While most of South Mississippi didn’t see any major damage from Tropical Storm Claudette, floodwaters entered many homes, destroying people’s belongings and leaving them with an expensive mess to clean up.

In Hancock County, several families received damage to their homes, including the Waldron’s house in the Kiln. The floodwater was nearly waist deep on the first floor of Tara and Shane Waldron’s house.

“We got a lot of the water out. There were totes in here full of water,” said Tara Waldron, motioning to her waterlogged living room.

The family is now busy cleaning up what they can and trying to salvage what’s left of their belongings, like their clothing. On Sunday, the family worked together to string a clothes line across the front yard and hanging the soaking wet clothes to dry.

“You can just squash the water off of them. It was crazy,” said Tara Waldron.

Early Saturday morning is when she noticed the couple’s bed was floating in water.

“This is where our bed was at,” she said pointing into the bedroom. “We were sleeping and all this was underwater.”

She and her husband quickly jumped up and got their children, climbing out a window to get to higher ground.

“I came out and stood in the water. (Shane) pushed the kids out to me, the dogs out to me, and we got right here to the stairs,” she said. “I went up, and (the water) was up to the fifth step.”

As water in the creek near their home continued to rise, Shane began taking pictures and made his way to the yard, where he tied up his truck and their other vehicles.

“Took some old dog cable and wrapped it around the tree twice,” he said.

The Waldrons say this is their first time experiencing severe flooding and losing almost everything. Tara says she’s just thankful her family was safe because materialistic things can be replaced and her family cannot.

“We’re going to try to work slowly to get our stuff situated and try to start over, I guess,” she said.

The Waldrons say they do not have home insurance and plan to stay on the second floor of their house until cleanup and repairs are complete.

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