Harrison Co. School District hosts weeklong seminar for school resource officers

Updated: Jun. 16, 2021 at 4:34 PM CDT
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) -The Mississippi Association of School Resource Officers is holding its state conference this week, and the national association is helping out by teaching a course along with the conference.

The goal is for these 60 officers to serve not only in law enforcement but also act as mentors and counselors to the kids they interact with every day on school campuses.

“The idea is we want everybody to be nationally certified so they can go in and protect our kids and keep them safe,” said NASRO instructor Seth Sullivan. “We want them to be able to build those positive relationships inside the school.”

During one session, they held an exercise with Post-It Notes dealing with what is known as Adverse Child Experience. It’s all part of what’s called the NASRO Triad.

“The triad first and foremost is that we’re law enforcement officers, but we’re also an informal counselor and mentor/educator in the school system,” said Sullivan.

Tyrus Mack has been Harrison Central’s SRO for about a year and says that the cop/counselor/caring mentor template fits right into his daily routine.

“Sometimes, they just want somebody to listen to them, so I’m that person they can talk to,” said Mack. “I love being a great role model for them, and as I tell them, I’m there when you need me on and off the clock.”

The Mississippi Department of Education recognizes NASRO as a trainer for SROs and this course is required for officers to be recognized by MDE to get certified.

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