Meat prices rise amid high demand and supply shortage

Updated: Jun. 11, 2021 at 6:49 PM CDT
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MADISON, Miss. (WLBT) - Summer barbecues as well as shopping for dinner will cost you more as meat prices rise across the country.

Last week a cyber attack shut down the U.S.’s largest meat processor, further increasing meat prices. A local beef producer who despite rising operational costs, has not raised his prices.

Remington-Lott Farms, located in Madison, sells beef raised on their Canton farm. Owner Greg Lott said he began noticing a spike in prices nationally over a month ago.

“Meat coming out of your major plants, I think they are at an all-time record high right now,” said Lott.

According to in April, beef prices were 18.5% higher at wholesale and 11.5% higher at retail compared to levels in 2019. Also reported are shortages of workers at processing facilities.

“I personally think they will be rising from now through the fall because of a lack of supply,” added Lott. “The supply chain, like us locally, Remington Farms, it hasn’t affected our supply chain because we carry our cattle to a local processor, then bring it to our stores.”

David Raines, owner of The Flora Butcher, reports that the price of prime beef, pork and chicken has doubled. He expects there will soon be a shortage because of the availability issue.

Experts say in recent months, consumers and restaurants have increased the demand for meat. So be prepared to pay more in the coming weeks and months at your local grocer.

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