Coast teen overcoming the odds in fight with cancer as she checks off her bucket list

Updated: May. 14, 2021 at 8:01 PM CDT
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PASS CHRISTIAN, Miss. (WLOX) - Pass Christian High is holding its graduation Friday night but one senior won’t be there.

Abby Bosarge has been fighting cancer in Texas, but this weekend, she is checking some things off her bucket list and heading on a very special trip to Disney World.

Abby is battling acute myeloid leukemia, a very aggressive form of cancer that has put her entire life on hold for months now.

“It’s the most likely to come back, the hardest to get rid of, and the most aggressive,” she said.

The 18-year-old was diagnosed in June 2020 and everything has changed for her since then.

Abby Bosarge forms a heart at midfield of the Pass Christian stadium before the Pirates' game...
Abby Bosarge forms a heart at midfield of the Pass Christian stadium before the Pirates' game against Gulfport.(WLOX Sports)

Through multiple failed chemotherapy treatments, Bosarge said that doctors had no choice but to try the most aggressive form of chemotherapy -- ablative therapy.

“Ablative therapy is just that, it ablates you,” explained the teen. “It destroys everything in you. It wipes out my entire bone marrow, my entire everything, to the point where I almost died.”

Just weeks ago, Abby and her mother were told that she wasn’t going to make it. Some of her classmates and school staff made the nearly seven-hour drive to Galveston last month to give her a surprise graduation, ensuring that she still got to celebrate her big achievement.

This week, 28 students and school leaders from Pass Christian High hopped on a bus to make the...
This week, 28 students and school leaders from Pass Christian High hopped on a bus to make the nearly seven hour drive to Galveston to surprise Abby Bosarge with a graduation ceremony on the beach. The Pass teen has been in Texas undergoing treatment for an aggressive cancer.

Since then, Abby has slowly but surely regained some of her strength. She beat the odds and is slowly making strides to heal.

“You’re not supposed to come back from that and I have. They said I wouldn’t make it out the hospital and I did. They said I wouldn’t make it a week out the hospital and I did,” she said. “I started to realize that I don’t have an expiration date on me. I’m here now. Doctors study a lot for their work, but they aren’t gods. They can’t tell you when it’s your time to go.”

As she saw progress, Abby explained that she wanted to live every day like it’s her last. Then, she decided to make a bucket list of some of her favorite interests that she wants to accomplish.

“There’s some you may think are very silly, but most of them are nostalgic,” she explained. “I wanted to bake for my grandparents and great-grandma. I wanted to see an Orlando Pride soccer game.”

A longtime and accomplished soccer player, Abby is a big fan of the Orlando Pride. But there’s one player in particular who she has been a fan of for years. This week, that player made a special call to the teenager to help inspire and encourage her to keep fighting.

“Abby Wambach Face Timed me (Thursday) and she’s been my hero since I was ten years old,” said Abby. “She has inspired me to play up to the college level. I was getting D1 college offers.”

It’s not the first time Abby has gotten some encouragement from some big names. Some of the actors from the hit show “The Office” - which Abby is a big fan of - also called her to wish her luck.

All of the well wishes from people around the country, but especially the love from back home, has helped Abby continue to keep pushing. Even during the tough times, she says it’s better to focus on the positive than to let the negative weigh you down.

“Despite what people tell you, just hold on. If you just keep trying and hold on tight to even a slither of hope that you have left, just keep going every day. Live every day like it could be your last, but also have hope that it may not be,” she said.

Now, Abby is checking off one more item on her bucket list -- visiting Disney World with her family.

Abby’s mother has a Facebook group set up so people can follow Abby’s progress. You can join that group here. Donations are also being accepted to help Abby and her family as they continue to fight her cancer together.

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