MDOT updates progress on Hwy 49, I-20 and other road projects

Updated: May. 10, 2021 at 10:56 AM CDT
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(JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mississippi Department of Transportation has a birds-eye view update on two major construction projects plus new details on all state road projects.

U.S. Highway 49 reconstruction in Rankin County

Crews are making headway on the reconstruction of approximately 7.5 miles of U.S. Highway 49 from Richland to Florence.

Traffic has been switched to the newly constructed lanes. Several crossovers remain closed throughout the project, but the Gunter Road intersection is open with new traffic signals.

Phase III, which includes bridge, median, roadway, and drainage work, remains underway. The majority of Phase III work north of Cleary Road is complete. During Phase IV, the final phase, all paving and striping will take place. Once finished, there will be three travel lanes and a shoulder in each direction.

Work remains on track to be completed in summer 2022. The project was awarded to W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company of Jackson.

Interstate 20 bridge replacement in Jackson

The bridge replacement project on Interstate 20 eastbound between Terry Road and Gallatin Street in Jackson is making progress. Construction is primarily focused on the I-20 eastbound bridge that spans U.S. Highway 51, Interstate 55 south, and Canadian National / Illinois Central Railroad.

The project also includes widening along I-20 eastbound and I-55 northbound for the new bridge, roadway realignment, and ramps. Additional work includes slide repairs, slope stabilization along with the railroad, and traffic sensor installations within Hinds and Rankin counties.

Crews recently completed the placement of the pre-stressed concrete beams, which subsequently led to concrete pouring for the bridge diaphragms and decking. Soil cement treatment is underway, along with asphalt paving on the new and existing I-20 eastbound roadways. The construction of slope revetment and installation of electrical components are also in progress.

The $42.2 million project was awarded to Key Constructors, LLC, of Madison. Work remains on track to be completed in summer 2022.

Lottery-funded projects completed under budget across the region

A project to mill and overlay one mile of State Route 43 and one mile of State Route 429 through Thomastown was recently completed. The $505,131 project was awarded to Dickerson & Bowen, Inc., of Jackson.

In Scott County, a project to mill and overlay 1.7 miles of State Route 21 from south of Sebastopol to the Newton County line and one mile of SR 492 from the Newton County line to SR 21 in Newton County was completed in December 2020. The $1.6 million project was completed by W.E. Blain & Sons, Inc. of Mount Olive.

The mill and overlay of 0.5 miles of SR 492 from Decatur Street to State Route 15 in Union was completed in December 2020. W.E. Blain & Sons, Inc. completed the $289,208 project.

In Noxubee County, a mill and overlay of approximately 1.3 miles of State Route 852 through Brooksville, a mill and overlay of one mile of U.S. Highway 45 west frontage road, and the reconstruction of approximately 0.5 miles of east frontage road was completed in fall 2020. The $1.3 million project, which included asphalt pavement repairs, was awarded to Falcon Contracting Company, Inc., of Columbus.

State Route 19 bridge replacements and expansion in Neshoba County

Work to replace five existing drainage structures and bridges along State Route 19 near Tucker is currently underway. Additional work includes borrowing excavation, channel excavation, beam placement, concrete pile driving, bridge deck work, and placement of erosion control devices. The existing roadway pavement and bridges within the project limits will be removed, and the roadbed will be graded as needed to provide adequate drainage.

The bridges will be constructed on a new alignment parallel to the existing highway. Once the bridges are constructed, the new roadway will be paved and provide a connection to the upcoming SR 19 four-lane project that extends from Tucker north to Philadelphia.

“Expanding this stretch of road to four lanes is going to benefit those traveling from Meridian to Philadelphia greatly,” said Simmons. “The roadway expansion and bridge replacement projects along SR 19 show serious progress for Neshoba County and the surrounding area.”

The $11.7 million bridge replacement project was awarded to Joe McGee Construction Company of Lake. Work is scheduled to be completed by fall 2021.

The $35.6 million expansion project was awarded to W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company of Philadelphia. Work on the expansion project is estimated to be completed in fall 2023.

Bridge repair on U.S. Highway 51 in Madison County

A bridge repair project on U.S. Highway 51 over the Big Black River in Madison County is nearing completion. The project consists of repairing, blasting, and repainting the steel beams and piles on the bridge.

All beam pile repairs and painting have been completed. Crews are waiting on water to recede enough to complete the concrete work on the bottom spice plate repairs.

The $1.5 million project was awarded to Olympus Painting Contractors of Tarpon Springs, Florida. Work is expected to be completed by summer 2021.

J-turn installation on State Route 25 in Scott County

A J-turn intersection is being installed at River Bend Road on State Route 25 in Scott County. Turn lanes are being added along the inside lanes of SR 25. Both outside lanes of SR 25 north and southbound at River Bend Road are being widened to accommodate the new acceleration lane. The project will also add a directional curb gutter, island pavement, traffic signs, and stripe.

The widened section of the roadway has been brought up to grade and the surface paved. Crews have also completed the widening of the north and southbound outside lanes and have moved on to median work for Phase II.

J-turns, or restricted crossing U-turns, are safer alternatives to typical intersections along busy multi-lane highways. J-turns can dramatically reduce crashes related to crossing and turning left at multi-lane highway intersections.

The $2.6 million project was awarded to Walter’s Construction Company of Laurel. The remaining work is on track for a fall 2021 completion.

State Route 21 overlay in Neshoba and Kemper County

A project that consists of spot milling, scrub sealing, and overlaying 11 miles of SR 21 from Dixon to State Route 15 is underway in Neshoba County. Completed work includes the pre-leveling of shoulder materials and installation of temporary construction signage.

The remaining work includes spot milling and failed asphalt pavement repairs. The $3.3 million project was awarded to Dickerson and Bowen, Inc. of Jackson and is scheduled to be completed this summer.

In Kemper County, a project that consists of scrub sealing and overlaying approximately 5.6 miles of SR 21 between Preston and the Neshoba County line is underway. Work underway includes spot milling and repairing of several failed areas within the project limits.

The $2 million project was awarded to Dickerson and Bowen, Inc. Work is estimated to be completed this summer.

Bridge replacements underway in Lauderdale County

Two bridge replacements are underway on State Route 895 north of U.S. Highway 80 in Lauderdale County. The bridge decks and bridge railing have been completed on both bridges. Crews are in the process of bringing the main line up to grade and placing a crushed stone base.

T.L. Wallace Construction, Inc., of Columbia, was awarded the $1.8 million project. The remaining work is on track to be completed by summer.

I-20 eastbound overlay in Scott County

A $9.9 million mill and overlay project on eight miles of I-20 eastbound from the rest area to the Newton County line is nearing completion in Scott County. Completed work includes the reconstruction of the Exit 96 mainline, failed pavement repair, edge drain installation, pressure grouting, and milling. The remaining work is on track to be completed this fall. The project was awarded to W.E. Blain & Sons, Inc., of Mount Olive.

State Route 487 bridge replacements in Leake County

Three State Route 487 bridges between Tuscola and State Route 35 in Leake County are currently being replaced. Erosion control measures and deck pouring efforts are underway.

The $9.2 million project was awarded to L&A Contracting Company of Hattiesburg. Work is anticipated to be completed in summer 2022.

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