Gautier mayoral race heats up ahead of the general election

Gautier mayoral candidates seek support ahead of June election

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - On June 8, Gautier residents will head to the polls to vote for the leader of their city. The two candidates facing off are Incumbent Mayor Phil Torjusen and Councilman Casey Vaughan.

Torjusen is the Republican candidate and believes his experience will help Gautier continue making forward progress.

“We’ve got to do economic development and we’ve got to get our infrastructure funding for those new developments. Right now we’re also seeking out some more residential developers because right now we’re running into a shortage of houses in our city right now,” said Torjusen. “I’m just going to take the experience that I’ve done my whole lifetime and unselfishly apply it to the city.”

Independent candidate Casey Vaughan has been serving on the Gautier City Council for seven years, and says he knows the importance of collaborating with city leaders to help promote growth.

“Economic development is the number one thing we all would like to see in Gautier and we’ve got to work our city manager to continue that,” said Vaughan. “In our form of government that is who runs the day to day operations of the city.”

Both candidates aim to expand Gautier’s economy and Torjusen believes continuing his administration’s momentum allows for more efficient growth.

“Every four years Gautier is starting over with a new administration and it takes a while for the momentum to get going,” said Torjusen. “Right now we’ve got a tremendous amount of momentum going on in our city and I’d like to keep it going for another four years. That’s what I bring to the table is leadership to get things going.”

In order to help Gautier move forward, Vaughan feels it is important to focus on the people living in Gautier and to build off of the city’s rich history.

“The quality of life is a big focus. Also public safety, economic development, and preserving our natural heritage,” said Vaughan. “Being a descendent of Fernando Upton Gautier it’s just an honor and a privilege to keep my family heritage going forward, but also moving us forward.”

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