Caught on Camera: Waveland drive-by shooting after drug deal gone wrong

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 8:05 PM CDT
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WAVELAND, Miss. (WLOX) - Two Gulfport men are now behind bars in Hancock County, after a drive-by shooting in Waveland. The gunfire erupted around 11 a.m. Sunday between two vehicles right outside the front doors of those who live near Oxford Place and Old Spanish Trail.

Multiple rounds were exchanged, and it was all caught on camera from a Ring doorbell.

“Every morning, I’m out listening to the little birds, then next thing I know I hear gunshots, then more gunshots,” said nearby resident Sandy, who didn’t want her last name used.

Sandy said she was in disbelief and immediately called the police.

“Then I seen the two vehicles at the stop sign, then one truck was chasing the other vehicle and shooting,” said Sandy. “I don’t know who was shooting at who but they were shooting.”

Waveland Police Chief Michael Prendergast described it as a drug deal gone wrong. So far, 21-year-old Dayquan D’Marco Perkins and 18-year-old Keith Jashawn Cooper, both of Gulfport, have been arrested.

“We’re in the early stage of this investigation,” said Chief Prendergast. “So far we’ve learned that this turned out where these guys had met up and when the subjects fled the scene that they were dealing with they started pursuing them. And the ones that were being chased were shooting at the guy they just ripped.”

Chief Prendergast said both Perkins and Cooper were being chased by the Waveland resident receiving the drugs, who has not yet been identified or arrested, but charges are pending.

“I was shocked. My son actually called me because his friend actually lives on Cambridge, two streets down, and asked if I was ok,” said Amy Pfeiffer, who lives in the neighborhood.

“They called me at work and I answered the phone, thank goodness, then told me what happened,” Pfeiffer said. “I still didn’t know very many details, but when I came home from lunch and walked around and that’s when I saw the lady’s car window was shot out.”

When police arrived on the scene they couldn’t find any suspects that matched the descriptions from witnesses. Police got their break when both vehicles collided just down the street.

“We had search warrants issued on both the vehicles and the investigators are in the process, as we speak, are processing these two vehicles,” Chief Prendergast said.

Both police and residents say this kind of violence rarely happens in this area.

“It’s a very quiet neighborhood. That’s why I chose this place,” Pfeiffer said. “Everyone is super nice and there’s no crime here at all. A lot of the older folks sit outside and it’s kind of like a neighborhood watch type thing and just everyone is super nice. I was very shocked when I found out there was a shooting.”

The chief said the case is still under investigation, and his office is working with the Bay St. Louis Police Department. They ask that if you have any video, pictures, or additional information to contact them. You can leave an anonymous tip for Waveland Police here:

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