Lifted executive order will bring more events to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Lifted executive order will bring more events to the Mississippi Coast Coliseum

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - The first weekend of May featured a busy lineup of events at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum, from monster trucks, a home show and a dance competition.

It’s a sight South Mississippians can expect more often after Gov. Tate Reeves lifted all COVID-19 capacity limits for indoor and outdoor events.

“It’s a tremendous boost as far as business coming back,” said Executive Director Matt McDonnell.

The venue hopes more shows, conventions and competitions help recoup their losses during the pandemic.

“We were limited to events for over 13 months, from capacities to the number of events we were able to do, how far apart they were,” McDonnell said.

Even though the coliseum is back to 100% capacity, guests can expect some event organizers to have their own COVID safety protocols in place.

“We have to respect that because we rent the facility to those individuals,” McDonnell said.

As more events are added to the 2021 calendar year, officials said guest can expect newer faces working concession stands, security and directing traffic.

“We’ve actually hired a few more people over the last few weeks and we will start ramping up even more,” McDonnell said.

It’s a position the venue is grateful to be in as event halls and centers in other states deal with more restrictive COVID-19 measures.

“Gov. Reeves realized that it was time to get back to work and businesses to get back to operating at the most safest capacities he can allow,” McDonnell said.

Now, Coliseum officials are looking at better days in the near and distant future.

“It’s going to keep up really busy throughout 2021 and who knows how 2022 will be,” McDonnell said.

The coliseum is also preparing to hold full capacity graduations this year. Officials said to contact your school for more information about their COVID-19 protocols.

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