Stone County Pine Hill Festival returns with large crowd

Stone County Pine Hill Festival returns with large crowd

WIGGINS, Miss. (WLOX) - A lot of folks headed to Wiggins for one of the area’s longest-running event, the Pine Hill Festival. For many, attending this annual festival is a tradition and this year with COVID-19 restrictions now eased, more members of the community were able to get out, reconnect and unwind.

The live music, mixed with good food and some fun was the perfect combination for Corrine Hines at the festival. Hines said she enjoys Stone County’s Pine Hill Festival every year.

“I’ve lived in Stone County my whole life, so every year they’ve had the festival we’ve been,” said Hines. “It’s just so fun to enjoy.”

Rescue 100 Director Sabrea Smith had her booth set up to recruit foster parents. Smith said that the festival is the perfect place to get exposure for entrepreneurs and business owners.

“We’re looking for those families who are willing to love on our kids who are coming from hard places,” said Smith. “What better place to get that than where families are actually gathering together?”

Smith said the variety of things the festival has to offer was like no other.

“There’s lots of arts and crafts and great food and just non-profit organizations, so there’s a little something for everybody,” said Smith.

Hines said her favorite part about the festival is seeing the community.

“It’s Wiggins, it’s just a hometown happy place, so this is something that I think expresses that,” said Hines. “Everybody is coming together and showing the love all around.”

Stone County Board of Supervisors member Nathan Bond said the festival is an economic boost and a great way for the community to support local businesses.

“It brings more people to the county here and to the city from different areas,” said Bond. “I’ve seen a lot of vendors from different areas.”

Ten Mile Baptist Church youth pastor Austin Stampley said there were more people and new faces this year.

“We enjoy seeing the people that we know and getting to meet new people,” said Stampley. “We’ve talked several people that came all over the state. It’s interesting to meet all these people and to spread the gospel to them.”

Organizers said the event is the longest-running festival in the state and they plan to have the event next year.

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