Vietnam vet opens shooting center to teach people to ‘win gun battles’

Updated: Apr. 28, 2021 at 11:16 AM CDT
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FOREST, Miss. (WLBT) - A shooting range in Scott County is offering a unique course in firearms and rifle training.

Their instructors say they can train you to win a gun battle if you are ever threatened with one.

At age 81, Vietnam vet Clyde Morgan is coming out of retirement to open Precision Shooting Center in Forest.

He and his instructors have won six gun battles, and offer the skills to survive one through their training.

“There are no other instructors in Mississippi teaching those courses who have ever been in a gun fight except my instructor and me,” Morgan said.

Complete with moving targets, their firearm and rifle ranges offer multiple scenarios.

Clyde says changing times have created a demand for this specific training.

“The demand for firearms and ammunition is out stripping the availability and people are not buying those guns to go squirrel hunting, they are afraid they’re going to be outlawed; they’re also afraid that if something happens to the police that will have to protect themselves,” said Morgan.

Those taking the precision shooting course say they hope to never have to use their guns but will be ready if necessary.

Precision Shooting Center will begin holding their training courses in June.

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