Blossman Gas celebrates 70 years of business

Blossman Gas celebrates 70 years of business

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - It started as a small business created by Woody Blossman back in 1951. Now, Blossman Gas is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

Blossman set up this company with the intent of having a family business based on helping the needs of their customers.

Together, the company’s CEO, COO and supply distribution manager have served more than 90 years with the company. All three are local, and they said that family philosophy is what keeps Blossman gas ticking. Nearly a hundred antique clocks adorn the walls of the company’s Ocean Spring home office.

“Woodrow Blossman was a huge clock collector, and everywhere he’d go to visit, he’d see if he could find great deals on clocks. He had them here and all throughout his home, and of course his son John tried to keep that spirit going here,” said Stuart Weidie, Blossman Gas CEO.

As time continues to go on, Blossman’s grown into a company with 900 employees serving customers in 15 states across the southeast and mid-Atlantic.

“In order to be successful at Blossman, you really have to have a servant mentality in your heart to serve your fellow employee and serve your customer,” said David Reynolds, Blossman Gas COO.

Call it an old-school mentality mixed in with keeping up with modern times.

“We think we can still grow. You’re never at a point where you don’t stop growing,” said Cindy Martin, supply distribution manager.

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