Businesses owners along Cowan-Lorraine excited to see more developments

Businesses owners along Cowan-Lorraine excited to see more developments

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Traveling Cowan-Lorraine Road in Gulfport, you may notice more and more construction crews working day in and day out on future developments.

So far this year, the city has issued a total of 79 residential and commercial permits, together reaching a little more than $56 million.

Nearby businesses believe new development will be a plus for them all.

“We’ve been here as Eat Right Meal prep for three years,” said owner Michele Clarke. “We previously owned the gym Bayou Fitness for ten years around for 10 years and watching the growth is phenomenal.

Clarke said there are about nine other businesses within the exchange shopping center where she’s located. Seeing contractors within feet from one another, both next door and across the street, Clarke believes it will serve as a bonus for her business.

“Even from our refrigerated van we keep parked on the side there, we get calls all the time like a billboard,” Clarke said. “We love all the different developments going up. It makes it great for business because it’s more people always coming.”

A year and a half after Hurricane Katrina, Beach Pharmacy picked its spot on Cowan-Lorraine Road.

“It’s been a great location,” said owner Jason Krohn.

Krohn said moving from Tegarden Road to Cowan, traffic has doubled.

“Next, the old Champion Cleaners have become an urgent care, which is great for our business,” Krohn said. “Any good business coming around you is going to be more people and is going to help your business out.”

With businesses popping up left and right, Krohn believes it will not only help existing shops but also those unemployed working to bounce back from the pandemic.

“More jobs people can go and get work and help get the economy back going,” Krohn said. “I think if COVID gets under control, people will get out and spend more money.”

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