MDEQ awards $354,700 to help districts purchase environmentally friendly school buses

MDEQ awards $354,700 to help districts purchase environmentally friendly school buses
Yellow school bus (Source: WALB)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Districts across the state will soon be able to purchase cleaner-burning school buses, thanks to a grant from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

MDEQ recently announced that it had awarded $354,700 to 15 school districts to apply to the purchase of new school buses with “more stringent pollution controls.”

“Not only will the students benefit from a cleaner school bus, but the environment will as well,” said Chris Wells, MDEQ Executive Director.

Since 2009, the agency has awarded more than $1.3 million to districts to help them purchase more than 100 cleaner-burning buses.

The buses being purchased have more stringent pollution control systems, which reduce the emission of particulate matter, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide going into the atmosphere.

Districts receiving grants include:

  • Benton County School District (two buses)
  • Clinton Public School District (one bus)
  • East Jasper School District (one bus)
  • Greenwood-LeFlore Consolidated School District (one bus)
  • Grenada School District (one bus)
  • Long Beach School District (one bus)
  • Marshall County School District (one bus)
  • New Albany School District (one bus)
  • North Tippah School District (one bus)
  • Picayune School District (one bus)
  • Pontotoc County School District (two buses)
  • Prentiss County School District (one bus)
  • South Sunflower Consolidated School District (two buses)
  • Union County School District (two buses)
  • Winona-Montgomery Consolidated School District (one bus)

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