Tips for parents to help children learn during pandemic

How the pandemic affected children's learning

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Has the pandemic hindered your child from growing academically?

Instructors at Sylvan Learning Center say they have noticed some kids are months behind on learning skills.

Many students are still learning virtually or have learned virtually within this last school year.

While some schools were able to get their online programs up and running immediately, others were not.

Kristine Wozniak, the director of Sylvan Learning Center in Jackson, says some kids missed three months or up to a year in actual school time.

This fact has many parents concerned as the school year comes closer to an end.

If your child was struggling before the pandemic, educators at the learning center say they might have an even larger gap in their education.

However, there is hope — it just requires a little bit of time and attention.

“It is recommended that parents do reading with their child or have their child read independently at least 20 minutes a day,” said Wozniak. “Of course, always ask questions about what you’re reading so that you can work on comprehension with them.”

If math is your focus, the director also suggests making flashcards or creating a game to keep your child engaged with learning.

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