Biloxi honors Make-A-Wish with proclamation of World Wish Day

Biloxi honors Make-A-Wish with proclamation of World Wish Day

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - Applause thundered throughout Biloxi City Hall during the proclamation of World Wish Day in honor of the Wake-A-Wish Foundation.

During the city council meeting Tuesday, Danny Mitchell was recognized as the Biloxi Wish Kid.

The eighth-grader was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at nine years old.

Danny’s father Avery said that it is a condition where his body doesn’t produce enough protein, which causes his muscles to break down.

“Unfortunately, we got the call on my wife’s birthday, so it was really upsetting,” Avery Mitchell said. “We had noticed there were issues of how he was walking when we see him with other kids, and to have that kind of diagnosis you’re just overwhelmed with fear.”

Mitchell said that he was surprised when he got the call about the proclamation.

“He and my wife were so excited. For me, I didn’t know how to feel. It’s kind of surreal, but it’s really exciting for him to be honored for it,” Mitchell said.

Susan Hunt, who has raised more than $3,000 to treat Danny, had to fight back tears as she explained why she loves Make-A-Wish.

“Danny is sweet, nice and positive. I’ve gotten to know him and his family very well. It’s very important to me because of what it means for children and parents. I’m a former school principal, and to see the joy and the happiness that it brings for children and parents as wishes come true.”

Mitchell encourages more to donate because it will help a child’s day get better.

“If you’re out there and you’re into donation and you want a good cause, then think about Make-A-Wish. It helps family and children all over make dreams and wishes come true to better their lives and quality of life,” Mitchell said.

The City of Biloxi proclaimed April 29, 2021, as World Wish Day.

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