Shepard State Park hosts early Earth Day celebration

Shepard State Park hosts early Earth Day celebration

GAUTIER, Miss. (WLOX) - Gautier residents were excited to attend Shepard State Park for Earth Day on Saturday. The park provided educational nature pamphlets, free park admission and goodies for the event.

Workers said that the point of the event is for people to learn ways to protect the Earth.

Agatha Matthews said that she came out to support the community and learn.

“I’m a part of a lot of organizations and I like to be a part of the community,” said Matthews. “More people should come out whenever there’s something nice going on in the city. Plus, I wanted to learn more about the Earth, how things grow on it and how to protect it.”

Dixie Halverson has only worked at the park for eight months but said she’s proud to do her part in educating people about nature and the planet.

“Earth Day means taking care of what God gave us,” said Halverson. “This is our planet. We only have it once, and we need to take care of it. Look out for it, and make the most of what we were given.”

Halverson said that the park isn’t only teaching about caring for the planet, but the animals that live on it as well.

“This is a beautiful place to live and it’s sad when you see all of the litter that people think is just okay to throw out of their window and it’s not,” said Halverson. “People probably don’t realize that a lot of times people throw trash on the ground then our wildlife eats it. This kills them, not always but it does. It’s not okay to feed them or throw your trash out because we have to look out for our wildlife we have too.”

Halverson said she believes that if we come up with more ways to protect the Earth, then we can save it before it’s too late.

Earth Day is officially on April 22.

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