Vancleave father wants radar on roads after daughter almost dies in accident

Currently, state law does not allow counties to utilize radar but instead requires a deputy to observe the actual speeding before a citation can be issued.

Vancleave father wants radar on roads after daughter almost dies in accident

VANCLEAVE, Miss. (WLOX) - A Vancleave father is lobbying for more ways to slow down speeding drivers on rural Mississippi roads. His daughter almost died from a serious car accident and he believes deputies should have radar to cut speed down.

Jeff Herring said he’s determined to make a change after his 16-year-old daughter Haley Herring nearly died in a serious car accident. The 16-year-old was involved in the accident April 5 on Daisy Vestry Road and McClellan Road.

According to the police report, Haley stopped at the stop sign on McClellan Road while turning on Daisy Vestry Road. As Haley was turning, she was struck by a truck while going 60-65 miles per hour, states the report.

Herring was flown to University of South Alabama Hospital, where she received 375 stitches. For now, Herring has no movement on her left side and is recovering from two broken arms, two broken legs, as well as broken fingers and toes.

Haley also broke her pelvis, cracked her C-one, C-two spine, and tore her ACL.

The driver wasn’t charged or given a ticket because the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department said that a deputy has to witness the speeding.

Herring said that there should be more consequences so that roads can be safer.

“I’m concerned and someone needs to be held responsible,” said Herring. “Yeah they may have insurance, but that doesn’t do nothing to the driver itself. The drivers should be held accountable, so they won’t do it again. If they aren’t held responsible then what’s going to stop them the next time?”

Herring said that deputies should have radar on Jackson County roads to slow down the speeding.

“Since her wreck, there’s been four other wrecks. We had one the same night that Haley’s wreck happened,” said Herring. “The speeding is all around Jackson County. Without Jackson County having radar, they can’t really do much, unless they actually pay somebody or see on the speed, which is hard to tell.”

State law doesn’t allow radar in Jackson County and, every time the issue has been discussed in Jackson, the measure hasn’t passed.

“We’ve asked for many years for the legislators to consider it,” said Sheriff Mike Ezell. “I mean, we have all the training. Throughout many years and many conversations, we never get it. Absolutely, it’s something we would like. They just will not approve it. Every year the Sheriff’s Association has asked for it.”

Ezell said that it’s up to voters to ask the legislators for Jackson County to have radar. However, his department is doing everything they can. Just last month, Ezell said more than 500 tickets for speeding were issued by his deputies.

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