Businesses have to close down to clean up after Pascagoula flooding

Businesses have to close down to clean up after Pascagoula flooding

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Heavy rains created big flooding issues in Pascagoula earlier Thursday, and while the rains quit long enough to allow the city to drain and the streets to open back up, it left a wet impression for business along Market Street.

Businesses along Market Street had to shut down and clean up after still another flooding event. Sandbags and closed-for business signs stood ready.

Menagerie on Market has flooded many times, but this time was particularly bad.

“When we have so much rain, like we’ve had recently just day after, day after day, it builds up and like we had overnight last night, it really did a little bit more flooding that normal,” said Katie Thames, one of the operators in the family business.

And, that means another day of lost revenue.

“We had to close down the store. So, we lose business when this happens,” Thames said. “Normally, we just close for a half a day, but today it was just so much to clean up that we’ve having to close for the whole day.”

Heavy boards lined the store-front, garden tossed like toothpicks from the floodwater along Market Street, but most of the flooding doesn’t come through the entrance.

“We sandbag the doors in the front, so we don’t typically have problems with water in the front of the store,” Thames said. “It comes from the side of the store.”

Owners are hoping the city can help fix the problem, but in the meantime, storm preps are automatic.

“Anything that might need to be protected from getting wet, we move it out of the way,” said Thames. “That’s about all we can do and clean up afterwards.”

But Thames said flooding isn’t a reason to leave.

“We survived 2020, which I think is a great testament to our business and our family,” she said. “So, we don’t want to leave Pascagoula, we don’t want to leave Market Street.”

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