Key parts of Biloxi’s $355 million infrastructure project now complete

Key parts of Biloxi’s $355 million infrastructure project now complete

BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - With heavy rain showers, some residents who live in East Biloxi are relieved now that millions of dollars worth of infrastructure work is complete.

Bumpy roads and potholes filled with water are no longer an issue for people along Seal Avenue in Biloxi and neighboring streets. The largest part of the city’s $355 million infrastructure work is finally complete after years of construction.

“To start the project, they just took all the asphalt up off and it was just like that for years and we had a giant hole in our front yard and porta potties for the workers,” said Natalie Rickert.

However, after years of work, the streets are clear. Rickert has lived in this area for six years and said she’s proud of the progress, but hasn’t been a fan of the wait.

“Now yes, it’s much better but it was frustrating for a while,” Rickert said. “There wasn’t like a lot of communication to what was going on and why it was taking so long,” she said.

The city said although this phase of work is done, wheels are still turning with nearby projects that may impact Rickert and other residents.

“That area along Division Street around Seal Avenue is going to be widened to four-lane boulevard kind of with a median down the middle,” said Cecilia Dobbs-Walton, with Biloxi’s Public Affairs. “All of that is a part of the Keesler Gate project.”

Rickert said in the meantime, she and her family can enjoy walks along the sidewalk and put the view of road work on her block behind her.

“Probably would’ve preferred it to be done in a different way but yes now that it’s done we’re excited about it,” said Rickert.

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