D’Iberville Middle School gym gets emergency repair funds

D’Iberville Middle School gym gets emergency repair funds

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - The gym roof that was damaged by a storm at D’Iberville Middle School has undergone some temporary repairs, but now it looks like a permanent fix could be on the way.

Stormy days like this one made D’Iberville Middle School Principal Matthew Elias think back to what happened nearly a month ago, when the gym roof suffered wind damage, and rainwater began leaking all over the facility.

Elias and his staff got all the kids out of the gym before the incident, so no one was hurt.

“The number one priority is safety,” Elias said. “I think everyone did a great job.”

Despite a temporary fix to the gym, the building is still off-limits to everyone.

“We’ve seen some leaks that have given some potential for more damage,” Elias added. “The district’s response and the contractor’s response was quick. What we’re mainly seeing right now and what we’re trying to determine is tile floor damage and stage floor damage.”

The good news is, this week the Harrison County School Board approved emergency funding to get a permanent fix for the roof.

“We’re utilizing our stadium, we’re utilizing our track outside the gym along with our band hall so we’re making sure those students do get the physical activities and PE class resumes as normal,” said Elias.

Elias also said the gym floor is made of rubber and is in good shape, but rainwater is still leaking in wooden areas on the stage and in parts of the locker rooms.

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