Moss Point resident concerned about sewage flooding issues

Moss Point resident concerned about sewage flooding issues

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WLOX) - The rain went away but the problems are still here for some. One Moss Point man wanted help cleaning away raw sewage that seeped into his yard and by Sunday afternoon, he got that assistance.

The storm passed over Friday night, but Russell Roberts said he woke up to a river of flooded sewage water all around his house Saturday morning.

Roberts said the sewage lines and the pumping stations have been broken for a while, which is disrupting the flow of the sewage water.

“The sewage has been overflowed on the front yard. It covered up under the house, covered behind the house and it’s running off into the canal behind my house. That leads to the Escatawpa River. We just want it cleaned out, but the fire department said they can’t flush it out with a water hose because it would go in the river. It’s been going into the river already,” said Roberts.

Roberts said it was frustrating trying to get help for the situation.

“It just makes me sick. My mom has been here since 1958 and we don’t even want to walk in the yard now. It’s just a mess. The city said they’re going clean it up Monday, but they’re not telling me how. So, I just ran out of people to call,” said Roberts. “Everybody’s closed... One of them said, ‘Well, we sent an email to the state health department. They’re closed, but they’ve got an email, they’ll help you when they come in.’ That doesn’t fix the situation or tell us what to do or give us any suggestions of where to go.”

Roberts explained that the problem goes beyond flooding in the yard.

“We need our roads fixed, we need our sewage lines fixed. Our water lines have been down for 50 years, you get rust and black, gooey stuff coming out. We have water filters on everything. We have to undo the washing machine every once in a while and clean that filter up because it clogs with stuff,” said Roberts. “I mean, it’s just things that have been left undone. If you have to lift the pumping stations, then lift them. Do what’s necessary to fix the problem, just don’t just put a Band-Aid on it.”

The city said it will fix the issue Monday.

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