Gun owners, enthusiasts nervous about President Biden’s proposed gun regulation changes

Gun owners and enthusiasts nervous about President Biden’s proposed gun regulation changes

GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - Many gun owners and enthusiasts are concerned that their second amendment rights are being threatened. This comes on the heels of President Biden’s list of executive actions designed to tackle what he calls “The Pandemic of Gun Violence” in America.

Concern and fear have been driving up gun sales for the last year.

”I’ll be honest with you, people have been panic buying since last March when COVID started. People are nervous with the pandemic and what’s going on in the world,” said Michael Larosa, head buyer for Dad’s Super Pawn.

Several gun enthusiasts showed up Thursday at Dad’s Super Pawn in response to President Biden’s executive actions. The president is asking the Department of Justice to serialize ghost gun kits. Ghost guns are gun kits where the firearm comes 80% assembled and without a serial number. But that change likely won’t affect many South Mississippians.

”I don’t sell ghost guns and I don’t sell 80% guns. I’ve never done it and we never will,” said Larosa. “I’m actually not opposed... I have no problem with those guns being serialized. I don’t have a problem with them falling under the background check process.”

President Biden also wants background checks to be required for ghost gun purchases.

Several South Mississippians we spoke to off camera are worried about what’s next, saying, “This is just the start.” They’re paying close attention to see how their second amendment rights will be tested under the new administration.

”The proposals that I read today and saw on the news today won’t affect our business much at all. If you can buy it today, you’ll be able to buy it tomorrow.” said Larosa.

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