Thursday’s Forecast

Wesley's Thursday Afternoon First Alert Forecast

After a rainy and stormy start to the day, we have many rain-free hours for the rest of Thursday. Rain chances will be very low but not zero through sunset. Today’s high temperatures will reach the warm upper 70s and lower 80s. But, due to the higher humidity, the heat index may reach the rather warm mid 80s. Tonight will be partly cloudy with a chance for hit-or-miss thunderstorms. Friday will bring scattered showers with a chance for thunderstorms and some rain-free hours. Friday night and Saturday may bring rounds of heavy rain and possibly damaging thunderstorms, nearing washout territory at times with only a few rain-free hours. Sunday and Monday still look to bring many rain-free hours and low rain chances. Next Tuesday and Wednesday could bring a few hit-or-miss showers. Through the next seven days, no big cooldowns on the way and temperatures will generally stay near or above normal with afternoons in the upper 70s and lower 80s, mornings in the 60s.