Ocean Springs residents voice concerns over potential apartment complex development

Ocean Springs residents voice concerns over potential apartment complex development

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - People living near Deana Road and Groveland Road have growing concerns about the potential of a new apartment complex in the area.

Carol Jones is one of the residents speaking out, and Jones believes adding more residents will add to the already heavy flow of traffic in her neighborhood.

“If you fill this road with cars that have to stop at Highway 90, then you bring an emergency ambulance, which is further down Deanna Road here to in here, they have hardly any place to move to the side of the road. There’s no shoulder there,” Jones said.

Ocean Springs Planning and Grant Administrator Carolyn Martin said the property is zoned for multi-family use, but the developer has only been approved to clear the land and must go through an additional approval process before construction moves forward.

“A developer can go get what’s called a land work, or a land clearing permit, without having an approved development. So that’s what they are doing just so they can take away the trees and look at the land and work with the land itself,” Martin said. “They do not have any approval to go any further.”

Clearing out trees on the 11 acres of land worries long-time Ocean Springs resident Katie Yow. For over 40 years, Yow has lived in the same home and fears flooding in her neighborhood will worsen once the land is cleared.

“When that ditch gets full it comes into the yard, and it gets into the house, and I’ve seen water in the house six times next door to me,” Yow said. “I’ve come very close, but it has washed my yard away, my driveway away twice.”

The Ocean Springs Planning Department believes there are wetlands on the property, and Martin said the developer must receive a permit before impacting the wetlands.

“Depending on their design and how much they are going to impact the wetlands, that would have to receive a Corps of Engineers permit prior to us getting any sort of approval,” Martin said. “So that would be part of the review process to determine if they are impacting wetlands, and if they are, have they received the proper permits.”

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