Lake Mars Pier now partially open

Lake Mars Pier now partially open

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (WLOX) - Progress is being made on the Lake Mars Pier, which is now partially open to the public. It’s progress that Ocean Springs resident Ray Broussard believes will attract more boaters to return to Lake Mars.

“As soon as they know it’s open, they’ll be here. There’ll be a lot of people here because that’s a popular boat launch also. Really popular,” said Broussard. “Horn Island is right there, Ship Island is right there, Deer Island, anywhere you want to go is right here. Graveline is right down there. Everything is really accessible here.”

Broussard has visited Lake Mars almost daily for more than ten years, so he knows the area. He said he’s impressed with the quality of work he is seeing.

“They finally got the pylons. The concrete pylons. They’re building this out of concrete pylons and very good wood,” said Broussard. “Big thick wood. Wasn’t just regular wood you get at Lowes. This is special wood. This is good wood.”

The pier is currently only open to the gazebo, but concrete pylons are already lining the pathway for the pier to extend out over the water, allowing for Broussard and other fisherman to cast their lines out even further.

“People were coming here from as far as Bay St. Louis, coming here every day to fish because there’s an abundance of redfish that come across here every day about 3:30 in the afternoon. You can set your watch,” said Broussard. “A bunch of guys would go out there and everybody would catch a redfish or two.”

The Jackson County Board of Supervisors will approve a certificate of substantial completion for the Lake Mars Pier project at the next supervisors’ meeting.

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