Locals behind the scenes in production of movie starring Bruce Willis

Locals behind the scenes in production of movie starring Bruce Willis

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - As cameras roll on a movie filming here in the Capital City, everyone involved from producers to set builders are taking pride in what’s going on behind the scenes.

Those scenes are literally Mississippi Made. We take a look at the home-grown talent taking on the film industry.

Filming wrapped on the bedroom scenes for Bruce Willis’ character, now the production designer and construction crew of A Day to Die will dismantle and replace it with a trap house.

Everyone involved is from Jackson or nearby. Sweet Unknown South Studios, based in Jackson, hired more than 80 percent of the crew from the city. The sets were designed and built by locals.

Dr. Nadia Bodie Smith, a former Jackson State University acting and directing professor, is the visionary.

“We want to make sure that Jackson and the State of Mississippi were the ones that contributed to building that in a next generation, the next generation of artists,” said Bodie Smith.

In another area of One Jackson Place the set is being prepped for upcoming scenes.

“This is Tom’s house,” said Bodie Smith pointing to the bedroom and kitchen of one character. “He is the down and out military brother of our protagonist.”

“We’re trying to open up a union as far as worker are concerned to help this industry,” said Head Carpenter Davie Lindsey. The Jackson native, his brother Darrell and Brian Smith of Meridian went from constructing houses to movie sets.

“This room took a day-and-a-half. We’re on speed dial on these things here,” said Lindsey. “So we had a day-and-a-half for a full crew on do this. Bruce’s room was the same way.”

A Day to Die producer Curtis Nichouls plans to add 20 more to the production crew for future films.

“I live here in Jackson. So with each film if I’m using people from other states to come here then those people are going back home with that talent and they’re not training the people,” said Nichouls. “So for me it was important that I found the people that are doing something similar and we can put them along people and get them trained.”

Filming wraps April 23. Two more movies are planned before year’s end.

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