South Mississippians indulging in seafood on Good Friday

South Mississippians indulging in seafood on Good Friday

D’IBERVILLE, Miss. (WLOX) - It’s Good Friday heading into the Easter weekend, which means many Catholics and residents in South Mississippi are craving seafood.

However, at Quave Brothers in D’Iberville, it’s another busy day of selling seafood.

“Fridays during Lent, it’s like the Black Friday of restaurants,” said Bronson Quave. “We eat seafood down here all year long, but during Lent it’s magnified. To me, Lent’s kind of the beginning of spring. People are excited and ready to get back out, especially after last year, they want to get back to normal.”

This time of year one of the normally hot ticket items is crawfish, and lots of it.

“We’ll drain it and do it two or three more times until that water gets good and clear,” Bronson added. “We’ll make two boils today, about 100 pounds a boil. Sometimes we’ll do a little more for the night. Then on Saturdays, we try to do the same thing.”

He also said right now crawfish is selling around $4.25 a pound.

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