‘It’s going to be a hassle’: Liquor stores unsure of state’s home delivery impacts

‘It’s going to be a hassle’: Liquor stores unsure of state’s home delivery impacts

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Don’t feel like cooking tonight? How would you like to have a meal delivered along with a bottle of wine and some liquor for later?

This week, state leaders approved a bill that would allow for home delivery of alcoholic beverages. Some local liquor store owners aren’t sure how that will help or hurt their business.

Parveen Kapool, owner of Olde Towne Wine and Spirits in Ridgeland, said, “For us it’s going to be a hassle because we work with limited people. We don’t have the sources to deliver at home. If somebody’s gone to deliver one of $10, $15 or $20, the guy is stuck for two hours.”

Some liquor store owners say there are still a lot of logistics to work out before bottles start showing up on doorsteps. Others don’t expect much of an impact on their business.

Scott Jackson, owner of Colony Wine Market said, “In Mississippi, there’s a liquor store on every corner. We have the highest liquor store density in the south eastern United States, so it’s very convenient already for everyone. I just don’t think a lot of customers are going to pay the extra for delivery.”

Scott Jackson has been closely monitoring the states attempt to modernize their alcohol distribution system. He and others are concerned if they go to privatization, the consumers could pay the price.

“The bill that passed the house which the Senate was not taken up to this point, it would’ve been an 18% tax increase on consumers. That goes directly to the price you pay for wine and spirits- that’s just unacceptable. People will float across state lines to make their purchases and Mississippi will be in that loser in tax revenue revenue,” said Jackson.

Home delivery of alcohol still awaits the governor’s approval.

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