More developments underway in downtown Pascagoula

New developments under construction in Downtown Pascagoula

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) - Downtown Pascagoula is seeing quite a bit of change.

Developer Chad Purdy is revamping four more buildings on Delmas Avenue to help with the revitalization effort.

The first building could be done by the beginning of May, and Purdy said he already has a vision for how this space can attract businesses.

“We’re going to turn this into an internet coffee shop where it’s members-only,” Purdy said. “The thought process behind this is to kind of allow business owners to come somewhere and meet.”

The coffee shop is just one of the many ways people will be able to utilize the venue.

“If you are having a fundraiser, a shower, a wedding, a birthday party, you could actually rent this out,” Purdy said.

Developing a multipurpose venue is a stepping stone on the path to revitalizing downtown Pascagoula.

“It all came together with me and my partner joining with the city,” Purdy said. “They have this idea of getting more people here downtown with the concept of working, living, and spending your money here locally.”

Purdy believes the city of Pascagoula has been instrumental in the development process, helping secure grants to fund the projects.

“This is where I’m from. This is where I currently live. So I want to see the downtown thrive,” Purdy said. “With that extra little bit of support, it helps me make a decision to invest back here. It makes it that much easier.”

With the hope of more people coming to the Flagship City, Purdy is already constructing condominiums, one of which is upstairs above the coffee shop.

“This is going to be the short-term rental,” Purdy said. “It’s coming along pretty well. We’re looking at a target date around the first of May.”

As construction finishes on the coffee shop venue, Purdy said work is beginning on the three other buildings. The plan for those is to have retail space, office space, and more condominiums.

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