Polls now open for municipal elections: See South Mississippi candidates, polling places, and more

WLOX News will have complete results on TV and on starting tonight at 7 p.m. when the polls close.
Updated: Apr. 6, 2021 at 7:15 AM CDT
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BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) - South Mississippi voters will head to the polls Tuesday, April 6 to cast votes in municipal primary elections across the coast. WLOX News will have complete results on TV and on starting tonight at 7 p.m. when the polls close.

Here’s a look at who all is running in each city, as well as where to cast your vote.

When you go to your polling place on April 6, you will have to vote either as a Democrat or Republican. If no candidate receives more than 50 percent of the vote in a party primary, there will be a runoff election between the top two candidates in that race. The runoff, if needed, would be April 27. The general election, where ballots feature Democrats, Republicans and independent candidates on the same ballot, will be June 8. Polling places for all elections are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Absentee ballots returned by mail must be postmarked on or before Election Day and must be received by April 13, 2021, at 5pm.

Note: An asterisk by someone’s name indicates the candidate is running unopposed.


Mayor: Mike Favre (R - incumbent)*

Councilman At Large: Gary Knoblock (R - incumbent), Jerry Felder (R)

Ward 1: Tisha Murphy (R), Doug Seal (R - incumbent)

Ward 2: Wendy McDonald (D), Eugene “Gene” Hoffman IV (R - incumbent)

Ward 3: Jeffrey Reed (D - incumbent)*

Ward 4: Kyle Lewis (R), Larry J. Smith (R - incumbent)

Ward 5: Thaddeus L. Collier (R), William B. Zimmerman (R - incumbent)

Ward 6: Josh DeSalvo (R-incumbent)*

Polling Locations:

Ward 1: Bay High School, 750 Blue Meadow Road

Ward 2: Bay St. Louis Library, 312 Highway 90

Ward 3: Senior Citizen Center, 601 Bookter St.

Ward 4: Christ Episcopal Church, 912 South Beach Blvd.

Ward 5: American Legion Post #139, 645 Green Meadow Road

Ward 6: Bay St. Louis Fire Station No. 2, 9998 Highway 603


Mayor: Andrew “Fofo” Gilich (R - incumbent)*

Ward 1: Keith Anderson (R), Becca Vanderford (R), Steve “Stevie” Brosh Jr (R), George Lawrence (D - incumbent)

Ward 2: Felix Gines (D - incumbent), Tracey D. Smith (I)

Ward 3: Dixie Newman (R - incumbent)*

Ward 4: Robert Deming III (R - incumbent), Rodney McGilvary (R)

Ward 5: Terry Shelton (R), Paul Tisdale (R - incumbent), Sugar Stallings (D)

Ward 6: Jason A. Gibson (R), Kenny Glavan (R - incumbent)

Ward 7: Nathan Barrett (R - incumbent)

Polling Locations

To see the map showing the wards for municipal elections in Biloxi, click here.

Ward 1A: Gruich Community Center, 591 Howard Ave.

Ward 1B: Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center, 170 Porter Ave.

Ward 2A: East Biloxi Senior Center, 461 Parker St. (formerly voted at Carl M. Ohr Fire Station No. 3)

Ward 2B: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Municipal Building, 676 MLK Blvd. (formerly voted at Saenger Theater)

Ward 2C: Lee Chinn Fire Station No. 4, 168 Veterans Ave.

Ward 3: West Biloxi Branch Library, 2047 Pass Road

Ward 4: Margaret Sherry Library & Fire Station Complex, 2141 Popp’s Ferry Road

Ward 5: Donal Snyder Sr. Community Center, 2520 Pass Road

Ward 6: A.J. Holloway Sports Complex, 765 Wells Drive (formerly voted at Business Technology Center)

Ward 7: Woolmarket City Center, 13035 Kayleigh Cove (formerly voted at Woolmarket Fire Station No. 8)


Mayor: Rusty Quave (R - incumbent)*

Councilman At Large: Joey Bosarge (R - incumbent), Quentin Lyles (D)

Ward 1: Randall Pelous (R - incumbent)*

Ward 2: Carrie Taranto-Chipley (R), Kecia Lane-DeShazo (R), Theresa “Sissy” Andrews (R)

Ward 3: Craig “Boots” Diaz (R - incumbent), Zach Grady (R), Crystal Wingo (I)

Ward 4: Gerald Burdine (R), Jody Entrekin (R), Travis Burke (R), Todd Echelberry (R)


Mayor: Phil Torjusen (R - incumbent), Casey Vaughan (I)

Councilman At Large: Mary Martin (R - incumbent), Adam Colledge (R)

Ward 1: Cameron George (R - incumbent), Tony Miller (R)

Ward 2: Richard “DJ” Jackson (D - incumbent)*

Ward 3: Gordon Gollott (R), Billy Pope (R), Chris Hoover (R)

Ward 4: Charles “Rusty” Anderson (R - incumbent)*

Ward 5: Dante Elbin (R)*


Mayor: Billy Hewes (R - incumbent), William G. Thompson (R), Jennifer Adams (R), Howard Page (D)

Ward 1: Lorraine Price (D), Kenneth L. “Truck” Casey Sr (D - incumbent)

Ward 2: Ron Roland (R - incumbent), Patrice R. Lombard (D)

Ward 3: Ella Holmes-Hines (D - incumbent), Patrick Roderick White (D), Kanesha McInnis (D)

Ward 4: F. B. “Rusty” Walker (R - incumbent), Derek Bullock (R), Steve D. Martin (R)

Ward 5: Myles Sharp (R - incumbent), Bajon L. Williams (D)

Ward 6: Robert “R. Lee” Flowers (R - incumbent), Taylor Moran Godwin (D)

Ward 7: Cara Lero Pucheu (R - incumbent), Richard B. Kosloski (R), Shawn M Petro (R), Barbara Nalley (R)

Polling Locations

To see the map showing the wards for municipal elections in Gulfport, click here.

Ward 1A: Gaston Hewes, 2733 33rd Ave.

Ward 1B: Gaston Point, 1505 Mills Ave.

Ward 1C: 19th Street Community Center, 3319 19th St.

Ward 2A: Westside Community Center, 4006 8th St.

Ward 2B: Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, 246 Dolan Ave.

Ward 2C: Francis X. Collins Lifetime Fitness, 2204 Swetman Blvd.

Ward 3A: Isiah Frederick Community Center, 3312 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Ward 3B: Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, 15000 Marin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Ward 3C: Knights of Columbus Hall, 733 34th St.

Ward 4A: Bayou View Elementary, 4898 Washington Ave.

Ward 4B: Handsboro Community Center, 1890 Switzer Road

Ward 5A: Orange Grove Community Center, 14416 Dedeaux Road

Ward 5B: Orange Grove Community Center, f14416 Dedeaux Road

Ward 5C: St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 11322 West Taylor Road

Ward 6A: Fire Station #11, 13000 Three Rivers Road

Ward 6B: Pepsi Cola Company, 13300 Dedeaux Road

Ward 6C: Fire Station #10, 12001 Dedeaux Road

Ward 7A: Lyman Community Center, 13472 Highway 49

Ward 7B: Harrison County Library, 12135 Old Highway 49


Mayor: George L. Bass (R - incumbent), John M. Ruth (R)

Aldermen At Large: Donald Frazer (R - incumbent), Allen D. Holder, Jr. (R)

Ward 1: Ronald Robertson (R), John W. Shupe (R), Patrick Bennett (R)

Ward 2: Shane Walker (R), Bernie D. Parker (R)

Ward 3: Angela “Angie” Johnson (R)*

Ward 4: Timothy McCaffrey, Jr (R)*

Ward 5: Mike Brown (R)*

Ward 6: Junior Husband (R), Peter L. McGoey (R), Owen McNally (R)


Mayor: Doug Lee (R)*

Aldermen At Large: Louis Valentine (R - incumbent)*

Ward 1: Carrie Moulds (D - incumbent)*

Ward 2: James “Jimmy” Redd (R - incumbent), Jimmy McDowell (D)

Ward 3: Jason Martin (R - incumbent)*

Ward 4: Al Jones (R - incumbent)*


Mayor: Jeramey Anderson (D), Howard Bailey (I), Tenesha Danielle Batiste (D), Sherwood Bradford Sr (D), Billy Knight (D), Richard McBride (R), Ashelia McCorvey (D), Shira Stallworth (D)

Aldermen At Large: David E. Chapman Sr (D - incumbent), Isaiah “Ike” Hayes (D), Jason Jackson (I), John Mosley Jr (R)

Ward 1: Houston Cunningham(D), Rosa F. Dorsey (D)

Ward 2: Chuck Redmond (D - incumbent), Darius Wilson (D)

Ward 3: Deloris Braxton (D), Timothy DuBose (D), Jimmy Lee Wilson Jr (D)

Ward 4: Ennit Morris (D - incumbent)*

Ward 5: Joshua W. Barton (D), Willie “Coach” Chestang (D)

Ward 6: Gerald E. Jackson Sr (D), Gary Wayne Lennep (I - incumbent), Lazaro Jesus Rovira (D)

Polling Locations

Wards 1 & 2: Kreole Fire Station, 4225 Kreole Street

Wards 3 & 4: Sue Ellen Rec Center, 4131 Sue Ellen Street

Wards 5 & 6 North: Pelican Landing, 6217 Hwy. 613

Wards 5 & 6 South: Young Men’s Business Club, 3406 Dantzler St.


Mayor: Melanie Allen (R), Jeff Guice (R), Kenny Holloway (R), Frederick “Chic” Cody (R), Summer Devrow (R)

Aldermen At Large: Bobby Cox (R - incumbent), Matt A. Stebly (I)

Ward 1: Michael Bryant (R), Jennifer Burgess (R), Brandon Riches (D), Greg A. Gipson (I)

Ward 2: Rickey Authement (R - incumbent), Karen Stennis (R)

Ward 3: Joey Bellman (R - incumbent), Doug Walker Wineki (R), Kevin Wade (R)

Ward 4: Ken Papania (R - incumbent), Elizabeth Feder-Hosey (I), Richard Daniels (R)

Ward 5: Robert Blackman (R - incumbent), Jeffrey Mortenson (R)

Ward 6: Mike Impey (R - incumbent), Melanie Milburn (R)

Polling Locations

Ward 1: Grace Baptist Church, 3707 Bienville Blvd (previously voted at City Hall)

Ward 2: Villa Maria Retirement Apartments, 921 Porter Avenue

Wards 3 & 4: Ryan Youth Center (Armory), 726 Pine Drive

Wards 5 & 6: Ocean Springs Civic Center, 3730 Bienville Blvd.


Mayor: Jay Willis (R)*

Councilman At Large: Jennifer Colmer (R - incumbent), Patrick Gatchell (R)

Ward 1: Michael L. Hyde (D)*

Ward 2: Felix “FeFe” Fornett (D - incumbent)*

Ward 3: Ernie Denmark (R), Johnny Walker (R)

Ward 4: Burton L. “Burt” Hill (R), Matt Parker (R - incumbent)

Ward 5: Chris Blythe (R), Christopher Langston (R)

Polling Locations

To see the map showing the wards for municipal elections in Pascagoula, click here.

Ward 1: Pascagoula Senior Center, 1912 Live Oak Avenue

Ward 2: Iglesia Bautista Fuente De Vida, 3819 Arlington Street

Ward 3: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, 3702 Quinn Drive

Ward 4: Lighthouse Baptist Church, 3003 Belair Street

Ward 5: Collective Church, 4007 Pascagoula Street North

Ward 6: First Presbyterian Church, 1819 Pascagoula Street South


Mayor: Jim Rafferty (R), Zenas Cappie (I), Adam Pace (R), Peggy Johnson (D)

Aldermen At Large: Kenny Torgeson (R - incumbent), Calvin Ishee (R)

Ward 1: Buddy Clarke (R - incumbent), Betty Sparkman (I)

Ward 2: Regina Charlot (D - incumbent), Joseph Piernas (D)

Ward 3: Anthony Hall (D - incumbent), Catherine Williams (R), Kirk Kimball (R)

Ward 4: Victor Pickich (R - incumbent)*

Democratic Executive Committee: Hunter Dawkins (D), Shannon Williford (D)

Polling Locations

To see the map showing the wards for municipal elections in Pass Christian, click here.

Ward 1: Cornerstone Baptist Church, 1410 East Second St.

Ward 2: Pass Christian Fire Dept. #1, 808 East Second St.

Ward 3: Pass Christian Municipal Court, 105 Hiern Ave.

Ward 4: Pass Christian Fire Station #2, 707 W. North St.


Mayor: Jim Luke (R), Leaverne Guy (D), Tammy Valente (R)

Ward 1: Antha Mitchell (R), Anna Turnage (R)

Ward 2: Lyn Bumpers (D - incumbent), Dimitri Johnson (D)

Ward 3: David Smith (D), Janice Miller Stevens (R - incumbent)

Ward 4: Larry Breland (D - incumbent), Vernon Robinson (D)

Ward 5: Larry Cagle (R), Frank Ford (R), Robert May (R)


Mayor: Linda Eades Hawkins (R), Laura “Heather” Holliday (R), Louise Smith (R)

Aldermen: Kevin L. Tillman Sr (D - incumbent), Daniel H. Brown (R - incumbent), Russell Miller (R - incumbent), Bobby Nestle (R), Anne Gendusa Smith (R - incumbent), Byron L. Wells (R)


*All candidates are independent

Mayor: Darrell Berry (interim), William Scott Maddox Sr.

Aldermen At Large: Mary Frances Carson (incumbent), Sharon Jones-Crockett, Randy L. Williams

Ward 1: Brittany Harris

Ward 2: Ron Dyal (incumbent), Ben Wright

Ward 3: Damian McKay, Mary E. Miles

Ward 4: Darryl Stringfellow, Geralda McLendon

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