Minor river flooding in Harrison County causes problems

Minor river flooding in Harrison County causes problems

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - It could’ve been, and still could be much worse. The good news about some of the river flooding in Harrison County is that for the most part, it’s been minor.

Harrison County fire crews and others were out and about Thursday checking to see if more barricades needed to go up in other flood prone areas. Those “road closed” signs are up at each end of Bells Ferry Road due to floodwaters from the Wolf River.

Just east of there, River Road continues to warrant it’s name thanks to overflow from the Biloxi River, while a few miles downstream, the Biloxi’s back is in its banks.

However, it’s all part of the guessing game Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan and others do when it rains and pours.

“A lot of rain north of us will bring the water down into the basin and it’ll flood the areas that are prone to flooding,” said Sullivan. “You can never be too certain how much water is on which road so you’ve got to be careful. This is weather. It’s always changing, and anybody who lives in the south knows if you wait fifteen minutes, it’ll change.”

That’s why he and others are still watching the weather, and making sure those who live near the rivers and those driving through know what “turn around, don’t drown” means.

“We want everyone to be aware of what the potential is, and what our threats are, and then they can make informed decisions, and when we put barricades up, we don’t want people driving around them,” Sullivan added.

Pat Sullivan also urges everyone to stay tuned to local EMA messages and continue to remain aware to any changing weather conditions.

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